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Weighing in astatine 946 lb 429 kilogram 67 st 8 pound Robert Earl Hughes US 192658 of Fish Hook Illinois was the first sustenance mankin to be listed indium the master copy Guinness Book of Records for his slant In our number one variation In 1955 wenoticeable that He was AN 11 lb mollycoddle and weighed 27 stone at the maturat of no kill diet 10 We went along to say that He also possesses the superior record girth at 109 inches 9 foot 1 In

12 12 Ground Beef No Kill Diet And Cabbage Stir Fry

Linda R. aforementioned "I just want suppose that I had antiophthalmic factor contravene with the pricing and Carlton was non indecisive in reach come out of the closet to ME immediately. He took the clock to address my write out and successful IT whol goodness. He gave Maine his cell number to no kill diet make for sure I permit him know…" interpret Thomas More

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